Thursday, March 21st 2019

Investing in sustainable growth in China and America

About Palisades China Group

Palisades China Group, LLC invests in promising ventures in China and America. We believe that these nations are becoming inextricably connected through the work of private and public entrepreneurs and investors, and that this trend is not only vital, but also crucial to optimizing returns on investment and contributing to the betterment of our two societies—and perhaps the world—as a whole.

We also believe that in order to achieve innovation and investment objectives, it is essential that innovative entrepreneurs and venture capital investors alike stay well-informed of the latest news and trends in both countries. We created the Palisades China Group website to provide a gathering place to learn about opportunities and challenges. We’ll continue to add more features to make it easier to access information from a broad array of sources. Our Research Database is a ready-to-use, free tool for you to use as a repository for links to reference materials that you find online; use it to create your own database references for your due diligence work and general information about investors and entrepreneurs in China and America.

Why are we making our reference resources available to you? We’re looking for investors who believe, as we do, that knowing as much about innovations and sector-specific markets as we can will reduce overall investment risks and increase the likelihood of success. We’re also looking for new ventures that will bring meaningful, sustainable improvements to society in both China and America. This website is intended to be a working tool for all of us.

If you spend some time at this website, you’ll get a sense of who we are. If you’re interested talking with us about some of our investment opportunities, drop us a line and tell us who you are, and what you’re looking for in China and America. We look forward to hearing from you.

We invite you to discuss, post, learn, and connect. If you have any ideas about how this website can be more useful to you, please send us a message:

Eva Lerner-Lam

Eva Lerner-Lam, F.ITE, M.ASCE

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Michael P. Collins

Michael P. Collins

Chief Operating Officer
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